Windstream Contact Number

Being one of the largest telecommunication providers, it offers a wide range of services such as Internet over DSL, phone service as well as digital TV through dish network. It is a very wide email service providers with ‘n’ number of customers. Despite being one of the best providers, you can encounter some issues in it as well. This company’s main issues are generally to do with Internet connection, poor signals, etc. Sometimes users are unable to send or receive messages, sometimes they get messages but can not send or the issue of lost messages. If you are a Windstream user and are facing any of these difficulties while using the email , you can go through the steps mentioned below to fix the issue. You can also get in touch with Windstream Customer Support Number to get technical and professional assistance regarding the issue

Some steps have been provided to get rid of this issue of Windstream email not working:

  • In the first step, you need to check whether your Internet connection is fine or not. If the Internet is not working properly , you will get to face these issues. So make sure that you have a high-speed Internet. If you are connected to any wifi network and it is not working properly, you can turn the wifi off and reconnect it and see if it’s working now.
  • You might be facing some browser issues. So to make it work properly, you can update your browser and see if the email is working accurately or not. Or, you can refresh the settings of the browser. You can also clear caches, cookies, and histories so that it works. If none of these methods are working, you should change the browser.
  • Make sure that the user name and password you entered is correct. It could be a major reason of your email not working. If you find any difficulty or if you have forgotten your password , you can reset it very easily and then see if your email is working or not.
  • You can try the following server settings

           For incoming servers, you will have to go to

           port (SSL)993

           port:143 or,

           Go to

            Port (SSL)995

            Port :110

          For outgoing servers, you will need to go to and

             Port (SSL) 465

             Port: 587

Your full email address and password will be verified to work properly. If none of these server settings work, you can configure it manually

These were some steps which could help you get rid of the problem if you follow them correctly. If none of the above steps work , you can contact Windstream customer service number so that the experts could guide you and assist you properly