Being a Bellsouth email user, if you are having trouble while sending the emails from your account configured with Outlook, then it’s a serious issue. One needs to resolve this error as soon as possible so that you can get hold of your account and can send emails without any difficulty. You can get in touch with the experts by calling Bellsouth helpline number that is available at all 24 hours to help you in fixing all the issues related to this email.

Before starting the process of troubleshooting you need to first find out what is the reason behind this error? There can be many reasons why you are not able to send email from your Bellsouth email configured with Outlook and they are:

  • Unable to log in to your account in the outlook
  • You have entered the wrong settings in your account.

How to Fix the Issue of Unable to Send Emails from Bellsouth email Configured with Outlook?

You need to follow the below-mentioned steps for fixing the issue of unable to send emails so that you can access your email easily without any difficulty.

  • First, you have to check the internet connectivity of your system and see whether the internet is working fine or not.
  • Sometimes the SMTP server error issues are responsible for the occurrence of this error. So, you need to be very careful while entering
  • SMTP server settings.
  • You also have to see whether the settings entered by you is correct or not. If they are incorrect you must enter the correct settings for SMTP and POP3.
  • If you have added too many recipients in the ‘from’ box of the Bellsouth email, then also this error can arise. The maximum number of senders for each message in the Bellsouth email is 50 and exceeding this limit will lead to cancellation of the email.

If the above-mentioned steps do not help you in resolving the error, then you are free to reach out to Bellsouth support number that is there at all 24 hours. The expert will hear your problem and then will give you the best possible solution.