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For many people calculating their taxes is a very tedious task, even more so because it can get very complicated. But it is very important to for individuals and businesses to regularly file their tax returns and to adhere to the tax laws and financial regulations laid down by the government. But today technology is making it easier for taxpayers to keep their finances up-to-date and easily pay their taxes. When it comes to accounting software few names have had as big an impact as TurboTax. This is a software through which users can file their state and federal taxes on their own, without any hassle. The software is the brainchild of Intuit and was first released in the year 2001. The widespread popularity of TurboTax can be attributed to the fact that even a layman can use the software to file tax returns. And even if there are errors while using the software you can always call the TurboTax Contact Number and sort it out.

You just need to enter your tax-related information and TurboTax will take care of the rest. The software will automatically verify the information and calculate your tax returns and finds the best tax solution for you. It is very user-friendly and people find it easy to navigate and search for the option they want. Just some basic information about the user is required such as income, expenditures and so on.

Features of TurboTax Software

There are several features that distinguish TurboTax from all the other accounting software in the market today. TurboTax is designed keeping in mind the daily billing and tax requirements of the client. Here are just some of the amazing features of TurboTax:

  • TurboTax is known for its precision when it comes to calculating the exact tax that is due to the government.
  • The software can also identify the maximum refunds clients can avail for their taxes.
  • Users have access to various preparation guides that can help them prepare tax reports.
  • It has a very efficient electronic tax filing system.
  • The software also allows you to import data about your finances so that you can keep a track of all the relevant information you need while filing your returns.
  • It regularly releases updates so as to incorporate new tax laws and financial regulations, not to mention health care.
  • It even saves your tax history thus making it easier to create investment plans and grow your portfolio.
  • Additionally, It can create W-2 and 1099 tax forms and even offers taxation guides for SMBs
  • The donation tracker helps you monitor charitable donations so that you can avail of any possible tax exemptions.
  • It can also help regulate your finances by calculating weekly, monthly and yearly expenditure.
  • The advanced data security measures and encryption technology safeguard user data and keep your transactions confidential.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the features of TurboTax. If you want to know more about how it works you can call the TurboTax customer service number. A team of experienced professionals will be happy to answer any query you may raise regarding TurboTax.

Common Issues of TurboTax

Handling and processing so much information and data is not an easy task even for a software program. That is why sometimes TurboTax experience error and may even stop working. Below are some of the most common errors related to TurboTax:

  • Unable to install TurboTax or installation was interrupted
  • The refund tracker is not working
  • Unable to access and redeem the coupons on TurboTax
  • Difficulty in recovering lost or forgotten password
  • The tax calculator is not working on the software
  • The user is unable to complete E-filing online
  • Unable to add or remove password from Tax file
  • Cannot view previous year tax returns

Most of these problems are minor and can be resolved through some simple troubleshooting steps. If however, you encounter an error you are unable to overcome, feel free to contact TurboTax customer support for expert technical assistance. There is no issue too complicated for the technician to solve.

These are the basic steps to follow when you need to install TurboTax on the Windows operating system:
  • Open the official TurboTax webpage
  • Choose which version of TurboTax you want. Be sure to check the architecture, whether it is 32 bit or 64 bit.
  • Download the TurboTax installation file and save it on your windows computer
  • Disable any firewall or blocking applications you may have on your computer so that it does not affect the installation process. Remember to reactivate the firewall when the installation is complete.
  • Double click the setup file and start the process of installation of TurboTax
If you have any problems while installing the software you can contact TurboTax customer support to clarify the issues and proceed with the installation.
TurboTax is compatible with most operating systems, including Mac. You can follow the steps given below to install TurboTax on your Mac device using an installation CD:
  • Insert the CD into CD drive
  • Open the relevant folder and run the .dmg file
  • You just need to follow the simple onscreen instruction to complete installing TurboTax
As mentioned earlier, TurboTax regularly releases updates so as to incorporate the latest tax laws and regulations. TurboTax Error 65535 occurs when you are trying to install or update this accounting software. You can resolve this error using the TurboTax Self Diagnostics Tool. You can follow these steps to download and use the tool:
  • Visit the TurboTax website and download the TurboTax Self Diagnostics Tool
  • Complete the installations requirements and launch the tool as an administrator
  • The TurboTax Self Diagnostics Tool will identify the issue automatically resolve the error.
When the scan is complete restart your computer check if the issue is resolved. If you are still unable to solve the error then just call the TurboTax customer support number and ask one of the experts to help you troubleshoot the error.
TurboTax Error code 190 indicates that there is an error with one of the company files. This error can sometimes prevent a user from opening that specific file. You can follow the suggestions given below to try and resolve TurboTax error code 190:
  • Launch the TurboTax software on your computer and click to open a company file. Try opening different files to check if there is any data corruption. If the error is displayed for all the company files then go ahead and start a new
  • Navigate to the State Tax tab and download the relevant states. Keep in mind that you may be charged a nominal fee whenever you download this type of file.
  • Close the TurboTax tab and reopen it
  • Now search for the original company file that caused the error and try opening it.
TurboTax requires a stable internet connection in order to run smoothly. If the software is unable to connect with the proxy server or if the proxy server is invalid TurboTax will display the error code 42015. This error can be resolved by changing the internet settings on your computer. Here’s how you can go about it:
  • Open the Control Panel on your system and go to the Network and Internet settings
  • Look for the option that reads ‘Use proxy server for LAN’ and checkmark that box
  • Click ‘Ok’ to confirm the proxy changes and proceed
  • Open TurboTax on your computer and try to update the software once again.
Users cannot be expected to know every little detail about the TurboTax software. That is why whenever they experience an error they can always reach out to customer support for a solution. The troubleshooting steps involved in resolving an issue many vary depending on which version of TurboTax you are using. That is why it is very important to know which version of the TurboTax software you are using. Once you provide the necessary software information the rest is up to the TurboTax technicians. And here’s what makes TurboTax support so efficient
  • The customer support helpline is absolutely toll-free
  • TurboTax experts are available 24 hours a day
  • You can be sure that certified professionals will address your problem instantly
  • You will receive an accurate solution to solve your particular problem
  • Users can also opt for the remote access and give the technician permission to quickly resolve the issue
These are just some of the reasons why users are motivated to seek professional assistance through TurboTax customer support.