Connecting your Bellsouth email account to an email application or an email client like Outlook is convenient because it allows you to access your messages on the go. However if you are asked to manually set up your account you will need to know the correct IMAP and SMTP server settings for the configuration process. This blog will give you an overview of the email settings server setup process for your Bellsouth account. If you want more information you can also call the Bellsouth customer support number and ask for assistance.

Access Using IMAP SMTP

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) Settings for

The SMTP email protocol, which is also known as the PUSH protocol, is mainly used for sending messages. Here’s what you need to enter when setting up your email using the SMTP settings:

  • Email protocol: POP3
  • Inbound server:
  • Inbound port: 995
  • SSL: Yes
  • Outbound server:
  • Outbound port: 465

IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) Settings for

The IMAP email protocol deals with managing and retrieving your Bellsouth emails from the server. Here’s what you need to enter when setting up your email using the IMAP settings:

  • Email protocol: IMAP
  • Inbound server:
  • Inbound port: 993
  • SSL: Yes
  • Outbound server:
  • Outbound port: 465 or 587

Steps to set up your Email Account

Once you are aware of the required email settings you can follow the steps given below to set up your account:

Step 1: Open your email application and select the ‘Add Account’ option.
Step 2: Click on ‘Manual setup or additional server types’ and continue.
Step 3: Select ‘POP’ or ‘IMAP’ and enter your User Information.
Step 4: Complete the Server Information using the settings give above.
Step 5: If asked to complete the Logon Information enter your email details.
Step 6: Go to the ‘Advanced info’ section and enter the port numbers.
Step 7: Review all the settings and then press ‘Ok’ and ‘Finish.’

Keep in mind that the step to set up your email account may vary depending on the email application or email client you are using. If you need any help setting up your account or if you need clarification about the email settings you can call the Bellsouth customer service number and ask for help. Experienced email technicians are available 24 hours a day to help you troubleshoot any error related to your Bellsouth account.