Staying connected with your business partners, colleagues, or friends while you are traveling can be difficult since you cannot access your email account when you are away from a computer. However, in order to overcome this obstacle, email users will be happy to know that they can send and receive emails using their mobile phones. You can call the Bellsouth customer service number and speak to an experienced email technician to learn how to set up your account or you can go through this blog to learn the steps involved in the setup process.

Easy Steps to Set up email on Android

It is important to note that while the configuration settings for your email account remain the same no matter which device you use, the exact steps may differ based on your email app. Here’s what you need to do to set up email on Android:

Step 1: Go to the Android Home screen and tap the Email or Gmail app.
Step 2: Navigate to the Menu and tap the settings options.
Step 3: Click ‘Add Account’ and then press ‘Other’ or ‘Manual Setup.’
Step 4: Enter your email address then continue.
Step 5: Select the IMAP account and enter the incoming server settings.
Step 6: Type your username and account password.
Step 7: In the IMAP server field you should type:
Step 8: For the Security type, make sure SSL encryption is enabled.
Step 9: If you are asked for the incoming port number, enter: 993
Step 10: Click ‘Next’ and enter the outgoing server settings.
Step 11: The SMTP server settings are as follows:, Port: 465, Security type: SSL

Keep in mind that the configuration settings need to be entered exactly as they appear. Once you enter all the server settings you can press ‘Done’ and then restart your phone to check if your account is set up. If you have any trouble with the setup process, or if you encounter any technical error while implementing the steps above you can call the Bellsouth customer support and ask for assistance. Experienced software experts are available 24 hours a day to help you with any error connected to your email account.