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In an iPhone, the required email settings for Google, Yahoo, AOL etc. come installed or it gets updated automatically and this is why they get automatically configured to the device. But it is not the same for many other email service providers. One such email that needs configuration set up is Optimum email. And the steps to configure this manually are quite different from the rest and it needs correct domain names and server addresses. One way of configuring this email to your iPhone is by applying the POP and SMTP IMAP setting. The steps involved in this is very crucial for the proper execution of the configuration process so it is advised that the users follow the steps exactly the way it has been laid down without missing out on any important detail.

To know how to set up optimum email configuration by using the POP and SMTP IMAP setting you can follow the steps that have been mentioned below

  • Open setting on your iPhone and go to ‘mail, contacts, and calendar’ and click it.
  • Tap the ‘add account’ option and under this select ‘other’.
  • Select ‘add mail account’ and type in the following:
    1. Name: your name
    2. Email: your email address
    3. Password: your password
    4. Description: enter optoline.
  • Select POP3 under ‘incoming mail server’ and enter the following information:
    1. Hostname: mail.optline.net
    2. Username: email
    3. Password: your password
  • Under ‘outgoing mail server’ enter the following:
    1. Hostname: smtp.optoline.net
    2. Username: your email
    3. Password: your email password
  • Save it and under ‘outgoing mail server’ select SMTP.
  • Under ‘main server’ select smtp.optoline.net and see that the following information is displayed:
    1. SSL: ssl
    2. Serverport: 587
  • Select ‘done’ and go to the previous screen and choose ‘advanced’ and see that the following information is correct:
    1. SSL: none
    2. Serverport: mail.optoline.net
  • Restart your iPhone to finish the set up.

These are the steps and settings information that is required to set up configuration in your iPhone. Make sure that the above information matches the one that you have just entered. Any error or omitting of a step will lead you to redo the steps all over again so be attentive while executing the steps.

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