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Do you want to restore Mozilla Firefox to default settings and that too without uninstalling it then you need to pay attention? This blog is all about restoring Mozilla Firefox to default settings in simple steps. You can either contact Mozilla Firefox support or try the troubleshooting step by step guide enlisted here. It is quite normal for any web browser to slow down or cause problems but that can be fixed. Unlike other browsers, Firefox has the ability to restore to default state while saving the essential information as it is.

When you will restore it will impact the homepage button, tabs, content settings, cookies, cache, extensions, themes and many more. You must, first of all, verify the hassles due to which you want to reset the browser. This is the best advantage of Firefox that it can be restored easily without many efforts. But there is no need to get worried. You just have to invest a little time to restore the browser. Follow the below-mentioned steps –

Solution: How to restore Mozilla Firefox to default settings without uninstalling

Step 1: Go to the help menu by clicking the main menu button depicted by three horizontal lines.

Step 2: Under the help menu, click on troubleshooting information

Step 3: Click on refresh Firefox button in the upper right corner of the page you have opened

Step 4: Click on the Refresh Firefox button in the new confirmation page that comes up

Step 5: You will receive a prompt saying that your profile is imported successfully. Click on finish and the Firefox will import your preserved profile configurations and reopen with all default settings.

When you have restored the browser then it will work smoothly and you can yourself see the changes in the speed and performance of the browser. It is to be noted here that in case if you come across any sort of problem while following the steps then you must reach out to Mozilla Customer Support where the certified technicians will guide you with better troubleshooting options and also with the tips and tricks to wisely use Firefox. You can any time get in touch with the team as they stay actively available 24 hours of the day.