Mozilla Firefox Customer Service Phone Number

Firefox is considered as one of the fastest browsers that are associated with a quality security system as well. It provides you complete satisfaction for action experiencing the faster and deeper internet. Now you can start using the services of Firefox by simply installing it on your computer. This blog will help you get the     prominent support to install Firefox on Linux. While Linux is the most secure operating system and free from any virus threat, so it would be a great combination for you to access the internet.

You may get advances of Firefox with Linux as it is included in some of the Linux packages and you can install Firefox easily to your computer. When you try to install Firefox from the package you should keep these things in mind:

  • Make sure that you have all the required libraries.
  • Start installing Firefox that works best with the distribution.
  • You should create shortcuts to launch Firefox.
  • Allow Firefox to all users of your computer.
  • Set Firefox to remove like any other application.

Precautions before installing Firefox:

  • Before you start the procedure to install Firefox, you need to make sure that your computer has required libraries because the absence of libraries may cause trouble for you.
  • You may get the .tar.bz2 files provided by Mozilla are pre-compiled binary files. You only need to unpack the files and run them.
  • For the installation, only the current user is allowed to do so.

Easy process to install Firefox on Linux:

If you are willing to install Firefox on Linux you can complete the process by two methods, and those are mentioned further:

  1. Install from a package manager:

You can install Firefox from the provided package by Linux. You can complete the process from the documentation of the Linux distribution you are using.

  1. Install outside of a package manager:
  • The first step would be downloading Firefox from the home directory and download page.
  • Now open a terminal and land into your home directory.
  • Then you will require extracting the contents of the downloaded file and closing the opened Firefox.
  • Next, you can run the Firefox script to start Firefox from the folder: /firefox/firefox.
  • Firefox will be started, and then you can create an icon an icon on the desktop.

In this way, you can easily install the Firefox on your computer, but you should install all the libraries that are required for Firefox to work. Once you complete all the necessary procedure, you can enjoy the services of Firefox smoothly. If you need further support, you can contact at Mozilla Support Number as well where you will be getting the easy support and prominent guidance.