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In the current scenario, emails have become one of the trusted and most reliable sources of sharing the documents to people across the globe. The email services are basically used for official purposes but you can use it for your personal uses as well. Sharing documents via email is seen as more authentic and one can also keep a track record of the mails sent and received. In this situation, one should definitely talk about Optimum email. The email service has undergone a lot of competition but has managed to stay responsive and active on its terms. The Optimum email is not just limited to providing the users with email services but also other telecommunication benefits. Using this email service is not difficult because of its user-friendly interface. If you have worked on any other email service before, then you would not face many difficulties as all the email sites work almost the same. The pros and cons of this email cannot be measured and compared as they may vary from individual to individual. You can have a look some of the features given below and when you face any issue with this email, which becomes difficult to resolve on your own, then you can contact the Optimum email customer care number.

Mind-Boggling Features of Optimum Emails:

Here you can read a list of some of the amazing features of the Optimum mails, which will surely make it as one of your favorite and would compel you to use it as a primary account

  • It can be used on many devices and also stays compatible with the mobile application
  • Large file size exceeding up to 25 MB
  • The documents don’t take too much time to load or send, provided the speed of net connectivity is high.
  • Tutorials available for using the email service
  • Now you can create personalized dashboards
  • Security measures to protect your data from intruders
  • Features of Quick reply, drag, and drop, attachment preview available

If you wish to know about more and are wanting to know about the intricate details, then you can have a word with customer executives at Optimum Email Customer support number as and when suitable for you.

Pestering Issues that can trouble the users

The Optimum mail users can sometimes feel dissatisfied with the kind of issues that they have to face through. It is not necessary that everyone will face them. It depends on user to user. There are some issues that can be resolved on an individual basis and some perturbing problems can require the assistance of Optimum email customer care support. It totally depends on the operators that how and when they wish to access the services. Some of the dilemmas that an Optimum mail user can go through are

  • Unable to sign in to the Optimum email
  • Attachments not downloading or opening.
  • The text messages can be sent, but there occur issues in sending attachments of any kind.
  • Forgotten password or username
  • Emails landing in the spam folder
  • How can accidentally deleted mails be retrieved?
  • Can Optimum mails be accessed on the mobile app?
  • The account was hacked or compromised.
  • The optimum email service is not working.
  • Again and again, getting directed to the account page after multiple attempts.
  • The email account gets blocked due to suspicious activity.



The optimum mail users have often been compelled to ask various questions in order to resolve their doubts they have with this email service. No matter how insignificant or petty the issues might be, you can always ask for the technical support at Optimum email customer care service by dialing their toll-free if you are not getting a reliable solution on your own. Here you read the answers to some of the basic questions that have been asked by multiple users

If you are not able to send the mails via the Optimum mail platform, then you can try these common fixes and see if they help you to get rid of the error:

  • Make sure that proper net connection is available at the time of sending the mails.
  • You can remove all the attachments from the mails and try sending text messages once.
  • Try reducing the size of the files.
  • It can happen that you have accidentally saved the message as a draft and forgot to send it.
  • Clear the junk files from the system.
  • You can also use a different web browser to cater towards your purpose.
  • Also, double check the sender’s email address and make sure it is available.

Sign in issues are really common and resolving them is not at all a daunting task provided you follow the recommended troubleshooting steps

  • Always double check the username and password and make sure that have been filled appropriately.
  • Sometimes there can be network issues which can hamper with the process.
  • If you have forgotten your password, you can easily recover it via registered email, phone number or by answering the security question. The procedure of recovery will depend on the method that you have opted for.
  • You can also try accessing the email service from a different web browser
  • Disabling firewall protection may also help.

Facing troubles while downloading and opening an attachment file. You can look at the steps given below and implement them in order to resolve the particular snag

  • Check for any disruptions in the network and make sure that the device is getting proper signals.
  • Ask the sender to resend the file by reducing the size or sending it in different parts.
  • The sender can also change the name of the file and its location and the concerned should make sure that there are no special characters in the file name.
  • Try downloading the file from a different web browser.
  • Clear the system junk and delete all the files that are not in use.
How Optimum email Customer Support can sort all the troubles?

Availability of 24 hours customer care support can become a boon for the operators of Optimum email as they can access these services irrespective of time and location. When you opt for the services at Optimum email customer care number, then you can stay relaxed as your worries and dilemmas will be resolved by the technicians who are experts in their field and have profound knowledge. The doors to this service are always open and the techies provide you with instant solutions that have a long-lasting impact so that you don’t have to face these errors in the future.