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In the technical scenario, emails have now not been limited to sharing information only. Well gone are the times when the postmaster would deliver the letters, but taking into consideration the present situation, be it the letters, music, photos or any other material, an email just acts as the best medium. With just a blink of an eye, you can send anything to anyone on the only requisite that you have an internet connection. Email as a sharing medium has evolved over a period of time. There are were only a few email clients about a decade or two ago. But now there are personal as well as public email clients. Even an organization has their own reserved webmail which allows a platform for the employees to stay in touch.

When there is so much discussion going over emails, then it will be a kind of injustice to forget Optimum email. This email has gone through many competitions and somehow managed to stay active. It not only provides email but also other telecommunication services to the users spread across the world. It is packed with the wide array of features, has much space in comparison to other clients, can be accessed on the go via mobile application and there is much more.

Just like everything has its pros and cons, so has the Optimum email. There are innumerable benefits to this email but few issues too. Don’t get confused yet! Because there is the best support team of professionals at Optimum support who stay active 24 hours of the day to offer relevant solutions to the users in need.

Problems with Optimum email

  • I am unable to sign in to my Optimum email
  • How can I download attachments in Optimum email
  • What is the way to reset Optimum email password
  • How to retrieve deleted optimum emails
  • How can I access my Optimum email on Mobile app
  • I am unable to report spams on Optimum
  • How to recover the lost Optimum email password
  • I am having a problem in Optimum email configuration on iPhone
  • My optimum email account has been compromised
  • My Optimum email is not working, what to do
  • I am not receiving email on my Optimum
  • How to fix blocked Optimum account

It is not necessary that this problem might occur every time you use this email service. In fact, it depends mainly on the usage of the person. With the passage of time, it is normal to experience the hassles. Here you can have a look at the commonly encountered questions and their answers.


When you use web-based Optimum online email, you can conveniently add custom personal folders to organize your email messages. You can follow these steps –
  • Sign in to Optimum.net with your Optimum ID and password
  • At the top of Email panel, click on the +Folder icon
  • You will see a field stating ‘Add a new folder to list’
  • Type a name for your new folder and press enter
  • Don’t leave the name field empty otherwise, it will be untitled
Often the users encounter problems at the time of sign in to their Optimum email. If you are also one of them, try these –
  • Recheck the username and password you have entered
  • Make your network stable
  • Remove any temporary files from the device
  • Try using a different browser for sign in
  • Open Apple Mail, Click mail then preferences
  • Go to accounts tab and click the + button underneath the accounts field
  • Enter your Optimum email address
  • Type your name, enter the email server name for incoming POP3 (Port: 110)
  • Fill in the password in the designated field
  • Enter your email server name for outgoing SMTP (Port: 587)
  • Click ok to save changes
Attachments come with the emails received by the users. But most of the time, users face difficulty in downloading them or viewing them, here is how you can do so easily –
  • Check if you have a suitable software to view the attachments
  • Make sure there is a proper internet connection
  • See if the attachments are not corrupted
  • Scan for virus or malware in the device
  • Look for any sort of encryption and fix it
Everyone looks for the after effects or the consequences first when they opt for a new product or service. And why would not anyone go for looking about the support services when they come across glitches? It is a human nature to get baffled when they are in crisis. But it is recommended to the Optimum users that they must not get tensed at all when in need, just dial the Optimum helpline number at any time of the day so as to avail directions from the technical executives. They have full knowledge related to all Optimum email troubles. What the professionals specialize in –
  • Instant and quick delivery of solutions
  • Available round the clock
  • Best ways to tackle the customers
  • Friendly and polite dealing attitude