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The open-source free web browser Mozilla Firefox was launched by Mozilla Foundation in the year 2002. Mozilla is one of the most used and trusted browsers among various other web browsers. Users choose the web browser on the basis of the security and performance and both these features are the two main pillars of the Firefox browser. Mozilla has become the center of everyone’s actual life as it can be accessed from any platform be it smartphone, computers, laptops, tablets, or iPad. As technology continues to evaporate in the cloud, likewise is the case with Mozilla as it is continuously transforming and changing to better with the help of updates. This application runs perfectly on Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems. Mozilla is embedded with many great and exciting hallmark traits like bookmark manager, browser history, private browsing, third party cookies, built-in pdf viewer, and many others. It has a strong and more secure anti-phishing and anti-malware feature which makes your online transaction safe and enables safe browsing. If you too want to enjoy and explore the amazing journey of browsing then you need to download and install Mozilla Firefox in your devices.

From years Firefox continues to impress users all around the world with its efficiency and impressive privacy option but like any other web browser it can also experience a wide range of issues. Some of the most frequent snags which are generally witnessed by people are:
  • How do I download Firefox?
  • How to install Firefox
  • Firefox not opening
  • How to block Mozilla Firefox from accessing the internet
  • How do I save a PDF file in Firefox?
  • Firefox not working after update
  • Firefox won't open but the process is running
  • How do I print to PDF in Firefox?
  • How do you update flash plug in Firefox
  • Make Firefox your default browser
  • Where to find and manage downloaded files in Firefox
  • How to Use the Search bar in Firefox
  • How to download and install Firefox on mac
  • How to save a web page in Mozilla Firefox
  • How to set a homepage in Mozilla Firefox
  • Import settings from other browsers in Firefox
  • How to turn off private browsing in Firefox
  • Can I set Firefox to always use Private Browsing?
  • How to download and install Firefox on windows
  • How to Uninstall Firefox from your computer
How to download and install Firefox? First, check the system requirement which is required to download Mozilla Firefox. Just follow the steps given below:
  • Visit the official page of Mozilla Firefox by using any browser
  • Click on the ‘Download Now ‘button. Be ensure Firefox installer will offer you with the best available version for your computer
  • Once the download is finished you need to save this installation file
  • And after right clicking on it, ‘Run this as an Administrator’
  • The prompt for User Account will open and you need to accept the changes option asked there
  • Wait for the installation to complete and once done Mozilla Firefox will automatically launch.
Firefox is by default set to automatically update itself but you can do it manually too:
  • Click on Menu button of Mozilla Firefox
  • Then go to Help Menu and select ‘About Firefox’
  • It will open the new window where Firefox will begin checking for the update
  • Once updates are available click on the button of’ Restart to update Firefox
The smart and innovative technology of Mozilla Firefox ensure problem and error free working. But there are certain times when the user can witness issues while surfing the internet through Firefox. That is the right time to get in touch with the third party Mozilla Firefox Support who are known for their quality service:
  • Tech support executives are known for providing a relevant and appropriate solution to the problem
  • Users can reach them at all 24 hours in a day round the globe
  • Deliver the guaranteed customer satisfaction by troubleshooting all the Firefox issue within the stipulated time
  • The support team have years of experience in resolving the issues
Whether you are not able to download Firefox or update Mozilla or facing any other critical error related with this browser then it is high time to avail the best and reliable support service of Mozilla Firefox. The tech support engineers are known for going into the root of the problem while diagnosing it and then delivering the relevant and best technical solution which can eradicate the error completely. It is recommended that the users must never rely upon self-help only because some issues need to be solved under expert guidance.