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Do some mind storming and try to remember the time when books were your best friends, no doubt they still are for many people. But with the change in technology and advancement in innovation, books started being replaced by the e-books or gadgets like Kindle. You might have seen that smart looking device in the hands of people, yes that is Kindle! The new dear friend of many people who love delving into books. It is a compact device that lets you read millions of books. Wait! You just can’t read but save them too in your library.

Kindle is just like a handy tablet device but with extra features for the ease of users. You can have access to countless books according to your preference. Special emphasis is paid to take care of the eyes of users. But as a coin has two sides, so has Kindle. With brilliant benefits, there are some snags involved which can be resolved by getting in touch with third party Kindle tech support that stays active round the clock.

Reasons to avail Kindle support

Amazon kept on adding new versions of Kindle from time to time with upgraded features and thus it became the most loved gadget especially among the people who are fond of reading. But the fact is even the best devices have the downsides too.

Yet Kindle is liked by many avid readers worldwide but it has some glitches involved with it. Some of the complications that users face while using the exceptional device ‘Kindle’ are mentioned below:

  • My kindle is not turning on
  • How can I fix Kindle battery problems
  • How to fix Kindle overheating
  • How to transfer my old Kindle stuff to the new one
  • I can’t register Kindle with Amazon
  • How to exchange files between Kindle and PC
  • I am unable to login to Kindle
  • My kindle screen is broken
  • How to fix charging issues of Kindle
  • I have connectivity problems with Kindle
  • How to resolve audio issues related to Kindle
  • My Kindle keeps on rebooting
  • Unable to open a book on Kindle
  • How to reset Kindle passcode
  • My Kindle battery won’t stay charged
  • How do I reset my Kindle
  • Unable to download content on Kindle
  • How to reset my Kindle
Resetting the Kindle is the solution to many problems like slow processing, delayed response and much more. Kindle can be reset in two ways. Soft and default factory reset. To do the latter reset, follow the steps.
  • Swipe down from the top of the screen
  • Tap on settings option
  • Choose device options
  • Select the reset to factory defaults
  • Tap on reset to confirm
  • The device will restart after a while
An electronic gadget required charging to run. But in case your Kindle is not charging then you can make it work by doing the under given troubleshooting.
  • First of all, restart the Kindle
  • Make sure you are using the correct power cable
  • See if the battery is broken and get it replaced
  • Lower the brightness and try to charge the device
In order to manage your bulk data, you can opt for transferring files from Kindle to your computer. Here is how you can do the needful.
  • Connect the PC and Kindle when both are turned on
  • You will see a message saying ‘you can now transfer files from kindle to computer’
  • Choose the destination
  • Use the drag and drop method to send files to the PC
  • Once done safely eject the Kindle
You would have surely encountered the issue related to audio while using Kindle. Be it no sound or improper sound, you can fix the glitch by these points:
  • Go to settings > display & sounds
  • Try plugging your headphones, if there is no sound from speakers
  • Reboot the Kindle by pressing the power button for 20 seconds
  • Check for any physical fault or defect in speakers & headphones
It is not a matter of concern if the problem you are facing with your dear device Kindle is complex or simple. You can dial third party Kindle Phone number at any hour of the day to instant assistance from the experts. They are professionals and are aware of all hassles and their solutions related to this exceptional device. Kindle users can connect seek the Kindle Support whenever they think they are unable to sort the issue at their end. Moreover, it is always recommended that the users who don’t have the knowledge of basic troubleshooting must not get their hands in doing the fixture. There are three ways to get access to the Kindle Support Service: By call: this is the best way to connect with the experts. And you will not have to keep on waiting as the call will be answered instantly. By email: if you think you won’t be able to describe the whole problem with your Kindle on call then you can email the executives, your mail will be reverted within 24 hours. By chat: you can talk with the support agents over the chat also and elaborate your issue, they will help you with a quick solution.