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The Portable Document Format, or PDF as it is commonly known, is one of the most popular file formats for sharing and printing documents. The format was first developed by Adobe almost 30 years ago. Even though PDF is compatible with most operating systems as well as printers, users may sometimes encounter an error in the format that can prevent them from printing PDF documents. If these issues occur too frequently you should call the Dell customer Care Number and ask for additional technical assistance so that your work does not get affected. You can also have a look at the suggestions mentioned below to troubleshoot common PDF issues on your own.

Solution 1: Use the “Print as image” option to print urgent documents

If you are on a tight schedule and you need to meet a deadline you can use the “Print as image” option to quickly take a printout of the required PDF file. You will be able to find this option if you click the ‘Advanced’ button which appears in the Print dialogue box. Windows 7 users will be able to find the advanced button near the bottom of the dialogue box.

Solution 2: Download or Copy the PDF to your computer hard drive directly

It is possible that a PDF file may be damaged or some of the data is corrupted. You should download the file again and copy it directly onto your hard drive and avoid using a network drive. If the PDF file is from a mail or some other communication platform you can ask the sender to resend it and copy it on your computer. Open the new copy of the PDF on your drive and print normally.

Solution 3: Use the Save As command to create a copy

Adobe users can use the ‘Save As’ option to create a fresh copy of the PDF and then take a print out. You will need to open Acrobat, select the file you want and save it with a new name. Once this is done give the command to print the new PDF file.

Solution 4: Recreate the PDF file

If the user has the original source file of the PDF then you can use the steps below to recreate the file:

  • Use the original program to open the file
  • Go to the print options and choose to save the file as a PDF
  • Open the new PDF that you recreated and try printing

If you are still unable to print the PDF file even after completing the steps mentioned above you should contact Dell tech Support Number and ask one of the technicians to help you implement a more advanced troubleshooting solution.