ATT Email Support

Having an email service provider with efficient features is dream come true. It is not always that you get an email service provider who would cater to all your requirements. provides its users with a secure path for accessing their account, sending and receiving emails, adding attachments and also sharing whatever they want. Emails are the service which is used by people of all age groups. It is also an important aspect of the professional world. Emails have also assisted a lot in making communication easier. In today’s age emails are also an important aspect of your identity. Att emails highly focus on quick access and smart communication but there are certain situations where the users face certain issues or malfunctions. If you are an Att email user and you are facing some issue regarding the functioning of your mail, you would not be caught up with this. This is something that Att guarantees its users. They provide their users with efficient customer service which caters to all the issues that the user might face during daily use. You can contact the Att Email Customer Care at any hour and it is completely free of cost. Now the other question that might come up in your head would be, How to set up an email account with To find the steps to set up your account you can follow the given steps.

Setting up an account from scratch is quite different from changing the setting of an existing account.

  • Use the Ctrl-Shift-T command to initiate your email account wizard.
  • Provide an email address, password and a preferred username for your outgoing messages.
  • Manually configure the server settings and select ‘Next’
  • Choose the Incoming server type: POP
  • Provide the incoming server address:
  • Select the option which says ‘Requires a secure connection’ (SSL)
  • Enter the incoming server port: 995
  • Choose the preference to Validate using à Clear Text
  • Now, in the Log-in username field, provide your complete AT&T email address
  • Fill the outgoing server address:
  • Select Requires a secure connection (SSL) option.
  • Fill the outgoing server port: 465
  • Choose the option of requires authentication
  • Click the ‘Next’ option and finish.

Remove any kind of unsent messages from the Outbox, further compose a test message and mail it to yourself.

After following the above steps you would have successfully got an answer to the question of how to set up an email account with If you are caught up at any step what so ever, simple ring up the Att email tech support number where you would be instilled with the required guidance and assistance.