Mozilla Helpline Number

Every day when you use the internet to find information regarding anything, you come across many vital and crucial web pages or feeds that may prove to be useful in the future. And these web pages are often met with accidentally and you forget the keywords which helped you find it before. For such reason, it is important to bookmark your findings on your web browser. By bookmarking web pages or links of any kind, you can access them in the future by clicking on the ‘bookmark’ button in your browser. This will enable you to access previously saved information or vital web pages directly from the browser without having the need to search countless pages just to acquire a single information. It will save you time and will let you get work done faster.

In the Firefox web browser, bookmark often tends to go missing and it is hard to trace or locate them. This is a very prevalent issue in Firefox browser and many have complained about it. But it is to be kept in mind that Firefox always creates automatic backups of your bookmarks. So if you want to know how to restore missing bookmarks from Firefox, you can follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. For customers using old Firefox versions, click on the Firefox icon and go to ‘bookmarks’.
  2. For people using Firefox 29 and above click the ‘bookmarks’ button and select ‘show all bookmarks’.
  3. On the library window on the top of the screen choose ‘import and backup’ and select ‘restore’.
  4. Choose the date of the bookmark backup you would like to recover and press ‘ok’ on the new window.
  5. Your bookmark of the selected date should not be restored or recovered.

Follow these step carefully and exactly and you will have successfully restored your deleted bookmarks. If you are in need of further technical assistance then you can call Mozilla technical support number to receive help from professional employees who will give you simple and easy to understand solutions that will help solve the issue.