If you can’t edit existing Bellsouth Email Settings in any device running on OS X 10.11, then instructions are mentioned below to resolve this issue. But, before going ahead, you need to take the back-up of your stored data available in your email account. If the data is deleted from the server, it can’t be restored. The risks are obviously for POP accounts type users.

If a password is changed on the Bellsouth Email account at the incoming and outgoing server, then it is assured that your BellSouth Email Account password is changed. You can’t change the password through SSL settings.

How to Edit Existing Bellsouth Email Settings in OS X 10

What are the Procedures Followed to Edit Existing Bellsouth Email?

1. Edit Incoming Server Settings

  • Open the Bellsouth Email Account
  • Go to the ‘Internet’ option
  • Then, Go to the ‘List of Email Accounts’ option
  • Tap on the ‘Email Account’ now.
  • Finally, click on the ‘Incoming’ option to change the Incoming Server Settings.

2. Modify Passwords

  • Open your Bellsouth Email Account by signing-in to User Id and Password.
  • Click on the ‘Accounts’ option from the preferred ‘Menu.’
  • In this way, the password is updated for your Bellsouth Email Accounts.

3. Modify the Connection Type and Incoming Server Name

  • Tap on the ‘Advanced’ option, a menu option will pop-up on the screen, and you can check the ‘Host Name.’
  • To change the SSL settings of your account, you require a ‘Host Name.’
  • In the case of Non-SSL settings, use only a ‘Domain Name.’
  • Now, capture it by tapping on the ‘Save’ option.

4. Configure Outgoing Server Settings

  • Login your Bellsouth Email Account
  • Go to ‘Preference’ from the main window
  • Now, tap on ‘Internet Accounts’
  • Now choose Bellsouth Email Accounts from the List
  • Tap on ‘Outgoing Server’ from the ‘Account Information’ page.
  • Now, you can change the server list.

You can contact Bellsouth technical support to resolve this issue of Bellsouth Email Settings Edit issue. It is available 24/7 for you when you put your query or call, one of Bellsouth Executive will serve you. There is no reason to hesitate while calling. Discuss your issue one by one at the no-time limit and follow the steps one by one. If it remains as it was, then fix the visit of Bellsouth technical team to resolve this issue quickly.

How Do You Change the Outgoing Server Settings?

  • Click on the ‘Outgoing Server Name’ from the opened server window and change the server name and then click on ‘Save.’
  • As SSL for the server is changed, it is identifying now a Host Name
  • Non-SSL servers only use a Domain Name
  • Click on an advanced option from the outgoing server page
  • Make sure that port number is ‘687.’
  • Tick the SSL for the corresponding port number, if not, then you can’t access the SSL servers
  • Use a Password to authenticate it
  • Enter now your Bellsouth Email Settings and make sure that it is properly configured or not
  • Now use the New Settings of your Bellsouth Email Account Page
  • Exit the Outgoing Server Window now.

If the Bellsouth Email Settings remain still, then you can contact Bellsouth phone number to resolve this issue.