How Email spoofing Can Affect AOL Mail

AOL is one of the best Web service provider in the market. When you buy an AOL plan you get an AOL email also. You can use this email to communicate and send important messages. In this tech, era emails play an important role in everyone’s life.

But cyber threats are also a big part in this technology. So, you should always keep your email account secure.

Email spoofing is something due to which you can get into trouble. The email account is spoofed that means someone is sending emails to other making it look like they were sent from your account by putting your email address in “From” field.

Let’s discuss the symptoms when you should understand your AOL email account is spoofed:

  • When you receive messages from someone, to whom you never sent an email and they have received it.
  • When you get “mailer-daemon” messages and that doesn’t compile with any of message you sent.

If you see any of these symptoms in your AOL email that means your account is spoofed. In this case, you should expert’s suggestion, call on AOL email customer support number.

NOTE: If you see some emails in the sent folder of your AOL email account that doesn’t mean your account is spoofed. There may be the reason that your account is hacked.

How you can keep your AOL email account safe?

Keeping your account safe is the most important thing. You can change some settings in your AOL email account to make it more secure.

  • Change your AOL email account password on a regular basis.
  • Ensure that you create a strong password. Use Alphabets, characters, and numbers in your password.
  • Enable the Two-Step verification process in your account.
    • Go to the settings and click on account settings.
    • Then click on enable sign next to Two-step verification. It will ask your registered phone number with the account and send a code on that.
    • Enter that code in the required field, press enter. Then click on enable again.

These process should increase the security of your Email account. In case you forget the password you created and aren’t able to access your AOL email account then you can get the assistance of experts by dialing the AOL customer support number.