How do I Recover Deleted Opt Online Emails

Online is among the leading email providers in the world today. They have amazing features that allow users to easily send and receive emails. Many times users share private and important information via email, especially for businesses. Sometimes important emails and documents may get deleted by accident. To err is human after all. But there is no need to panic. There are certain steps you can take to recover Optimum emails that may have deleted recently. If the emails are urgent you can also contact Optimum Online customer support to get the best solution as fast as possible. This article will guide you on how to retrieve your data using a data-recovery program.

Steps to recover deleted Opt Online emails

Normally Optimum email files are stored on the hard drive of your computer. In the event that you may have accidentally removed a crucial email, you will be able to get back the data through a data-recovery program or software. These data applications are available free of cost online. You can use the data-management tools mentioned below to recover deleted Opt Online emails.

Using Ease US                                  

EaseUS offers a whole range of data solutions to help you organize your data and keep it safe. You can follow the steps below to use EaseUS to recover missing emails

  • Go to the EaseUS web page and download the program.
  • Follow the instructions to install EaseUS on your computer.
  • Open the program and choose the hard drive you wish to scan.
  • EaseUS will automatically scan the drive for the deleted files.
  • Go through the display list and choose the files you want to recover, then click ‘Restore’.

Once the required emails are restored save it on your computer preferably in another driver different from the drive where the information was lost.

Using Recuva

Recuva is another data management program that is very useful in this situation. It is known as an undeletion program that allows you to recover files that were deleted several weeks ago. Below are the steps you can follow while using Recuva:

  1. Open Recuva and start it in Wizard mode.
  2. Go to the File Typepage, locate the type of files you want to recover. You can just click ‘Other’ if you are not sure about the file type.
  3. Select the location page where you want to search and click ‘Start’.
  4. Recuva scans the location and displays the results in the main window.
  5. Mark a check in the box beside the files you want to recover and click ‘Restore’
  6. Save the recovered file on your computer. It is recommended that you use a different drive for this purpose.

If you notice that too many emails are deleted by accident or that you are unable to locate important emails then it is possible that your account is compromised. Just to be safe you should call the Optimum Online support number to check if there was any suspicious or unauthorized activity on your account. You can also reach out to an expert to get more information on how to recover deleted emails.