Garmin is a world-famous technology company incorporated in Switzerland. The company originally focused on creating cutting-edge GPS technology for the aviation and automotive industry. Garmin products are a perfect combination of creative designs and enhanced reliability that virtually guarantees excellent user experience. Garmin Nuvi is a state of the art GPS navigator that uses an advanced satellite connection to give you a hassle free navigation experience. While using a GPS app on your smartphone, it is possible that you may lose the navigation because of poor network coverage. However, Garmin Nuvi has a stable connection and detailed maps to ensure a pleasant drive. If you want to know more about the different features of Garmin Nuvi, you can call the Garmin customer support number and speak to a certified technician to clear all your doubts. You can also go through the points and suggestion mentioned below to learn how to set up and begin using your Garmin navigation system in your car

Easy Steps to Set up Garmin

  1. Register Garmin : When first setting up your Garmin device you will need to register the product using the Garmin Express app or the my Dashboard option on the website, depending on which Garmin model you have. Once you register Garmin, you will be able to get updated maps and software. You will also be able to modify the navigation voices and customize your vehicle logo.
  2. Save Locations : Once you register Garmin, you can go ahead and begin saving your favorite locations. If you want to set your home location, you can click the menu icon and then tap ‘Set Home Location.’ After you set the home location, you can use the categories menu on Garmin to save other locations you visit frequently. You can also tap the vehicle icon on Garmin Nuvi and save your current location, thus making it easily accessible in the future.
  3. Set Navigation Preferences : Garmin Nuvi has several features that help you set the navigation preference while driving. For example, if you want to know the shortest distance to your destination, you can go to the ‘Calculation Mode’ and use the ‘Route Preference’ option to select ‘Shorter Distance.’ You can follow the same steps to find straight-line routes or faster distance time. You can also use the ‘Avoidances’ options on Garmin Nuvi to avoid toll roads, highways, or U-turns.
  4. >Activate Voice Commands : The voice activation capabilities on your Garmin Nuvi GPS device helps you to follow the route without getting distracted. Although ‘Voice Command’ is set as the default command you can use the ‘Customize Phrase’ option to set a new voice command. Garmin Nuvi will review the phrase you set and indicate if it is strong enough so that you do not accidentally activate voice commands while driving.

If you have any trouble setting up Garmin Nuvi you can call the Garmin customer service number and ask for additional technical assistance to get your GPS navigation system up and running as quickly as possible