Garmin Tech Support Number

For all those thrill loving and adventurous off-roaders, Garmin has come up with a GPS device that brings out a new way of exploration. A GPS in today’s time has become an asset. One doesn’t need to go haywire thinking about different routes. With the navigation system, it provides accurate directions to the user. You need to input the desired location in the system, and there you are all set to go. Initially, it was meant to keep you on the road. However, now with all those technologies and advancements coming up, Garmin’s GPS also keeps you off-road. Confused about the same? Now you don’t need to curb your adventures of off-roading and with the navigation system can go beyond smooth terrains.

Whatever you can expect in the Garmin’s new 7-inch touchscreen Over lander is what you get. It provides the smallest turn by turn direction. Additionally, it is also introduced with the

off-road navigation embedded with many features. It’s designed for those who try to keep their tires off the road. Going an extra mile, it provides the topographical maps for the forest service roads, waterways, and activity trails and many more rocky terrains. The best thing that Garmin introduces other than off-road navigation is a compass, pitch, barometer, and roll angles to provide you a comfortable experience of navigating through some of the toughest routes. You can also modify it for specific vehicles and adjust navigation owing to dimension and vehicle’s weight to make it easy for sharp curves and bridge overpass. Doesn’t it sound fantastic and exciting?

Mapping data is already preloaded on the device

Garmin’s Explore app comes with the preloaded mapping data for navigation through a smartphone. Since the data is already stored, you don’t need internet services to access the same. The data can also be synced with your desktop computers and other devices. It also thinks about your safety as personal regard and provides you an option of sharing the information with your family members before you step out. It also comes with a powered magnetic mount along with a suction cup, making sure that the device stays in place wherever you head.

Garmin’s Overlander is a one-way affair which is already set to receive the data. It also pairs effortlessly with the Garmin’s inReach satellite communicator for coping up with emergencies. You can send text messages directly through Overlander’s touchscreen to anyone across the planet. Are you excited about this device? Want to make your off-roading experience more safe, yet adventurous? Get in touch with Garmin customer service and have a word with the certified techies on call.