There are different reasons for the Garmin express not working correctly on Windows 10. It usually happens when you run the Express on the system, and you see a display message indicating that ‘Garmin express has stopped working.’ It could be due to the recent Windows Update in the system. With the update, the users fail to connect to Garmin via the Express version. This happens when the device doesn’t show the USB mass storage in the device manager. By clicking on the button and launching Garmin express, it shows that you do not have an access to the Garmin express. One of the main reason why the application doesn’t work on Windows 10 is due to the incompatibility issue of the Garmin Express with Windows 10. To resolve this particular issue, you can either follow the troubleshooting steps that are mentioned below or reach out to the experts at Garmin customer support number.

There are different messages that a user can see on the display screen, which is associated with this particular error. They include:

  • ‘An expected error has occurred, and Garmin must close.’
  • ‘The Express window doesn’t appear on the screen.’
  • ‘Garmin auto-update doesn’t work correctly.’
  • ‘Garmin Express doesn’t download anything.’
  • ‘The application is unable to launch on the PC, even after re-installation it doesn’t work.’

Steps to Fix Garmin express not working on Windows 10

Method 1- Make sure that you have installed the recent version of Garmin express

Visit the Garmin official website and download and install the current version of Garmin Express. For that click on the download link which is available.

Method 2- Delete the Garmin Express Configuration files

  • Sometimes when the configuration files are corrupt, this error can occur. Deleting the folder will help you to launch Garmin express successfully. To do that
  • Open the Run dialog box by pressing Win + R key
  • In the search box type, %localappdata%
  • Select the Garmin update_ltd_or_its_subsid folder with the right click
  • Delete the folder
  • When asked to confirm, click on ‘Yes.’

Method 3- Install the latest Microsoft Windows update

  • Search for Installer File Location
  • Open the setup.exe file and then navigate to Properties
  • Run the program in the compatibility mode and from the drop-down menu, select the operating system
  • Once you have installed the recent windows update, restart the system and check whether the issue is resolved or not.

If the given three methods do not prove useful, then you can reach out for technical assistance at Garmin Customer Support without no delay and have a word with the certified experts.