Optimum Phone Number

Optimum WiFi is a conglomeration of over 2 million hotspots with access networks all over the globe. The hotspots available in different places allows you to access the Optimum internet service for free. It works as the Wi-Fi router that is available at your home or workplace and you can connect your device to the Optimum Wi-Fi easily. By using the Wi-Fi hotspot connection, you can browse the web, download apps and install updates. Nowadays the connections are available in shops, restaurants, offices, libraries, colleges, etc.

Accessing the Optimum Wi-Fi hotspot at any place is very easy and you just need to fulfill a few requirements:

  • You should be in the near vicinity where you can get proper signals
  • You need to switch on the Wi-Fi icon of your laptop or Smartphone so that it can search for available Optimum Wi-Fi networks.
  • If you have the user Id and password, you can use the Wi-Fi connection from anywhere, provided the device is able to detect it.
  • Subscription to the Optimum Online

It can happen anytime that the Optimum Wi-Fi stops working and even though it is connected you see a message as ‘No Internet Connection’. The error can occur due to any reason and can be fixed easily:

Methods to rectify the error:

Alternative 1- Disconnect your smartphone or your laptop from the Wi-Fi network, if it is showing no internet access. Put the device on airplane mode or restart it once. Try connecting it after few minutes by switching on the device.

Alternative 2– Check whether the router and the modem are getting proper signals’ and all the lights are stable and none is blinking. If yes, then try to fix the cables attached to them by moving them a little. Sometimes the cables might not be connected properly. Secure the connection

Alternative 3– Switch off the main plug and disconnect the Wi-Fi router from the main power supply. Remove all the cables from the modem and the router and connect them back again after some time.

Getting in touch with customer support:

If the above alternatives do not work then contact the Optimum Tech Support Number to get a solution. They will be able to guide you in a more professional way.