In a world where everywhere there is cybercrime and hacking, there isn’t any interface that has not come in contact with these. One such error is even found in the most popular communicating interface known as the Bellsouth Email Account. So, in case you have a doubt that your Bellsouth Email Account has been hacked, then you should recover this issue as soon as possible. In order to do that, you can either follow the below-mentioned tips or else get in touch with the professional experts at the Bellsouth support number. They are there to fix all your queries 24*7.

Hacked Bellsouth Email Account

Easy Steps to recover Hacked Bellsouth Account

1. Change the password for all the emails – It is surely very important to save all your account from getting infected when you know one is. The ultimate way is changing the credentials in order to save the accounts and the data inside. Because one of your accounts is linked with the other for sure, so in case you opt to change the password for one, you will receive a new password on another account.

2. Check the content of the email that has been violated – So, it might be a tough job to do, but you cannot neglect. You might have your bills, account details, home address, security numbers, etc. Thus, it is surely very important that you take this step to figure out what the hacker might have got, and you can take precautionary measures.

3. Check your Bellsouth Email settings – So, when we say check your Bellsouth email settings, we mean that check if the email’s sending and receiving address is correct, filters should also be checked, and scammer might have changed these values to redirect the emails. Also check your outbox, trash, and spam folders for any suspicious activity. And finally, do double check your contacts and be sure that you get rid of all the glitches.

These above-mentioned steps will surely help you in fixing a hacked Bellsouth Email Account. But, in case you get stuck somewhere in the middle, you can anytime get in touch with expert techies at Bellsouth customer care number. They are trained and qualified to help you out with all your queries.