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Are you looking forward with the procedure to eradicate error 550 that gets displayed on your SBCGlobal email screen? If yes, then you have come to the right place and can read the steps mentioned in this blog. It is imperative to fix this error on an urgent basis. It is displayed when there is some underlying problem with the recipient’s email address. If you do not wish to deploy the manual steps on your own, then you may get in touch with SBCGlobal customer care number and talk to the certified experts for the same.

Look at the various causes and their solutions one by one

Authentication blocked: One of the reasons where you are not able to send the emails is when the authentication has failed. There is some issue with login credentials, or the SMTP settings are not correct. To fix this problem, you can go through the steps given below

  • Go to the mail program and select the option of enabling SMTP authentication.
  • Now select the option of ‘My server requires authentication.’
  • If the email client option such as Outlook or Live Mail has been configured on the system, then you will not be required to do the authentication separately. You need to click on ‘Yes’ to confirm the setup

Issues with sending emails from the wrong email address: Many times, the users are not sure about the recipient email address to whom they wish to send the mails. It is always better that you keep some of the points in mind to avoid this error. And for that, you can employ the steps given below

  • Ensure that the email address and password you are entering is correct
  • If you are required to undergo the verification process, for that you need to enter the email address twice.
  • Once you have configured the setup, it will take around 24 hours for activation
  • Try to avoid adding any unique character to the email address; otherwise; the server may not be able to recognize it.

Incorrect recipient’s address: Whenever you are sending an email, you are required to enter the email address of the recipient indicated at ‘To field.’ But if wrong email address input has been entered, then your emails would not send. To resolve this particular error, you can take care of the following steps

  • If you have any doubt in the spellings of the email address, it is always better to confirm it in person.
  • Make sure that you are entering the correct spellings and also the sequence of numbers if any on an orderly basis.
  • Also, ensure the receiver servers stay free from faults.

These are a few causes and their solutions for SBCGlobal email error 550 . If you come across any other issue which has not been mentioned here and finds that you are unable to resolve the error on your own, then it is advised that you reach out to SBCGlobal Contact Number for the same.