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How to Fix Dell Printer Error Code 016-302?

In this tech era computers and the related products are quite important in everyone’s life. Laptops, desktop, printer, tablets, and other devices are manufactured by Dell and it has earned a good place in this market. All the products released by Dell are in high demand due to the great performance, speed, and advanced security. Dell products are efficient and well working when you use them but there are times when people have a complaint about the problems also. Due to all the complaints against Dell products, customer support service launched by Dell organization is always available for Dell users. This service is 24X7 available and very helpful in solving the issues with Dell products. You will get the assistance of techies who are professionally trained.

Dell Printer Error Code 016-302

Dell printers are one of the amazing devices offered by the Dell organization. It offers an outstanding printing service. But sometimes users go through difficulties while using Dell Printer. Printer error can be anything like a paper jam issue, cartridge blockage issue, poor printing quality problem, etc. One of the issues is Dell Printer Error Code 016-302. This Error shows the error message on the computer screen saying ‘Restart the printer’. Users get irritated because of this error because it appears on the screen again and again.

Resolve Dell Printer Error Code 016-302

Restart the Printer

  1. If you have connected the printer via a wireless network, then press the Wi-Fi button on the printer to turn off. Else, remove the printer USB from the computer. After disconnecting the computer and printer, press the power button and remove the power cable from the power source.
  2. In 2nd step, wait for 10 to 15 seconds and press the power button the printer and connect the power cable with the electricity source to turn on the printer again.
  3. Now after performing all the above-instructed steps check if the problem is solved. If not, then perform the other method given in this blog.


  1. Find the menu button on the printer and choose to Configure from the drop-down options.
  2. Now go to the maintenance tab in the appeared options.
  3. Then choose to reset NVRAM and press yes to confirm the process.

Above mentioned instructions are the guidelines to fix Dell Printer Error Code 016-302. In case, these steps don’t work, then you can take experts help on customer support number.

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