Dell Customer Support

Technology is growing day by day and it is not possible to imagine a human’s life without a computer. For every work whether you are a student, employee or a businessman, the computer is playing an important role in everyone’s life. One of the famous computer or laptop provider in the market is Dell Computers. This organization has given several computer models in the market and due to the unique design and advanced technology Dell Computers have created a different place in the market. Some people consider Dell computer as one of the best computer providers. You can purchase Dell laptops within your budget in various models and versions. There are millions of people in the world who appreciates the product launched by Dell computers.

Though Dell laptops are amazing and come with the latest technology and advanced feature, still this device also is not away from technical glitches. There are times when people have a complaint about the problems. One of the problems is the slow speed of Dell laptop in Windows 10. In these type of issues with Dell laptop, you can simply rectify the problem with simple troubleshooting steps. If you don’t know any method to solve the problem, then you should read this blog and know the troubleshooting ways and contact Dell Laptop Support Number. Also, you can take help from certified techies on customer care service.

Steps to fix Dell laptop running slow windows 10 problem

There are several methods you can try to fix this problem. Some of the methods are described here.

Method 1. Remove undesired programs or software installed on the computer : Check your computer and look for any unused or unwanted software installed on the computer. Uninstall this software and delete all the unwanted data of these folders. Then check if this method solves the problem, if not then try further methods.

Method 2. Update computer Drivers : Check your computer for any faulty or outdated driver installed on the computer. If you find it, then update the drivers as soon as possible and enhance the laptop speed

Method 3. Delete the temporary and unwanted files on the computer : Temporary and unwanted files on the computer only fill hard disk space. Low space in hard disk causes the slow speed on a computer. So, remove all the unwanted files present on your computer.

Method 4. Close all the unnecessary running programs : Go to the task manager and close all the unnecessarily running programs on the computer.

These are the helpful steps to rectify the slow speed problem of Dell computer on Windows 10. In case these steps don’t work, then take help from customer support service.