Access Secure Website in AOL Desktop Gold

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Many times, users are not able to access different websites as they have been made secure. Many people often tend to buy the websites, making sure that they are safe. You can identify whether any site is secured or not by checking the URL. If it begins with https rather than http, it shows that the website has been made secure with the help of SSL certificate. It becomes really necessary to browse the web through the sites that are secure and have no or minimal risk of getting inflicted with virus or malware or posing any kind of threats to the operating system or leaking your personal information. AOL desktop Gold software needs no formal introduction, as the users who are using it for accessing different types of activities are well aware of its application and features. If one would talk about its astounding features and opportunities that it provides its users, the list would be endless. If you are using this software and is facing difficulties in accessing secure websites in AOL Desktop Gold, then you shall proceed with this blog. It will provide you with the best solution to fix the issue. The blog has been written with this sole purpose of rectifying the problem by explaining the steps in a very easy and simplified way.

The proposed solution

  • First of all, you need to have the knowledge of the operating system (which is basically the Windows version installed on your computer) and the web browser that you use in your computer.
  • Clear all the caches and cookies of the web browser that you use
  • Perform a full scan of your computer by any anti-virus that you use
  • Check for the stable internet connection
  • Disable the firewall or any other security software that is posing a problem in accessing the websites in AOL desktop gold software
  • Restore the security settings of your browser
  • Enable the java scripting and cookies of the web browser and if they do not make sure to do so.
  • The web settings need to fix again if the above solutions do not work
  • Switch off the computer, the Wi-Fi network by switching off the mode. Turn on all the devices again after a few minutes.
  • Switch off all the notifications and pop up settings that may appear on the Windows XP SP2
  • Clean the windows and the drives by using Windows disk cleanup utility
  • Disable any software that is causing troubles

You may need not to try all the above solutions to fix this error. Some of the solutions can work too. And if you are still not able to access secure websites with AOL desktop gold or AOL Desktop Gold icon missing , then you can very well get in touch with the veterans at the helpline number for guidance.