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Have you ever heard the phrase “It’s all fun and games until…”? Well to complete that phrase, it’s all fun and games until Alienware gets involved, then it is just gaming reimagined like never before. Nobody takes games more seriously than Alienware. Dell Alienware is a subsidiary of Dell Company and deals with everything related to gaming. From laptops to desktops to a whole range of gaming accessories, Alienware has it all. The choice of device depends on the kind of games your play and the system requirements for those specific games. If you are unsure of what exactly you need and cannot decide on which is the best device for you, you can contact Dell Alienware customer support to get a better idea about the different product available.
So if you are about to set off on a new quest or are about to engage your fellow gamers in a battle to the death well then Dell Alienware may just have what you are looking for. This article gives you a brief idea about the amazing features and common issues related to Dell Alienware products. You can also check out the frequently asked questions and follow up on a lingering query you may have. So game on!

Features of Dell Alienware

Different Alienware products have different features based on the model type and number. These features really push the boundaries of gaming allowing users to enjoy a more realistic and immersive gaming experience. Below is a list of common features included in most modern Alienware products:

  • Alienware laptops and computer usually operate on Windows 10 operating system
  • Most Alienware devices come with 8th Generation Intel Core Processor, which makes for faster smoother game time.
  • A built-in Geforce RTX graphics card ensures gamers experience all the visual effects in high definition.
  • Almost all devices come with at least 16 GB RAM, which is normally upgradable to 32 GB.
  • All devices are Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled so as to ensure maximum connectivity while gaming.
  • Alienware devices come with the trademark spaceship design and gunmetal finish that has a powerful look and feel.

Common Issues with Dell Alienware

When it comes to gaming, time is of the essence. There is nothing a gamer hates more than a system that is slow or a game that lags. When though Alienware devices come with a powerful RAM and high-speed processor, regular users still experience errors while using the devices. If you find any such error you can contact Dell customer care to sort out the problem. Here is a list of common issues related to Alienware devices and possible causes for these issues:

System Freeze: A system freeze means that the computer or laptop remains stuck on a particular page or screen and you are unable to reload, go back or move forward. There are different reasons why Alienware devices may freeze including overhearing, hard drive damage, viruses and so on.
Display Issues: Any gamer will tell you those good graphics are among the top features essential to the gaming experience. Alienware devices sometimes experience display issues like a blank screen, fuzzy or distorted colours, irregular fonts and brightness or contrast errors. This could be because of a technical glitch in the hardware. Contact Dell customer support to know more.
Slow Performance: Dell Alienware devices are hard-wired for speed. But sometimes a user may find that the system is running slowly. This can be frustrating especially if you are in the middle of a game. This slowdown could be because of the number of programs or add-ons running in the background.

A true gamer will understand that there is nothing more frustrating than a system that is slow or that is constantly lagging. Here are some steps you can follow to speed up your Dell Alienware system performance:
  • Uninstall unnecessary applications and programs
  • Make sure you restart your system regularly, even if there are no errors.
  • Close all the background applications when not needed.
  • Routinely defragment your hard drive.
You can try contacting Dell Alienware customer care to check if there are any new system updates that were released so that you can install the updates accordingly.
Online gaming is a multi-million dollar industry. Gamers regularly duel with other gamers from around the world through the internet. If your Alienware system is not connecting to the internet you can try following the below steps to get back online:
  • Check the network signal strength to make sure the connection is working
  • Disconnect the network and restart your system, then try logging in again
  • Make sure to update the system BIOS
  • Try connecting via ‘Safe Mode with Networking’
  • Reposition your wireless or modem router for better access
The Blue Screen of Death, more commonly known as BSoD error, indicates that there are some issues with the software or hardware that has caused the system to crash. BSoD errors are often expressed using numbers, these numbers help to identify the problem. So the first thing you need to do is to find out the Error Code. Simply follow the steps below:
  1. Turn on your system
  2. When you see the troubleshooting message and startup options press F8
  3. Disable the automatic restart option after a system This will allow your computer to stay on the error page instead of restarting.
  4. When the error page comes up, search for Stop Error Code. It should be somewhere on the last line.
Once you have the error code you can contact Dell Alienware customer support to resolve the malfunction.