Echo Alexa not working

Amazon Echo is a brand of smart speakers developed by Amazon. It connects to the voice-controlled intelligent personal assistant, Alexa. Alexa is an Amazon voice control system. Using an Echo smart speaker, you can voice your wishes and see them get executed flawlessly. Using just the sound of your voice, you can ask it to play music, search the web, schedule meeting, read audiobooks, weather forecast, and streaming podcasts or adjusting the lighting in your room. What makes Alexa so groundbreaking and what sets it apart from other voice generated assistants is its ‘Responsiveness’. You don’t have to press any button to activate it. You just have to say the keywords Echo, Alexa, Amazon or Computer and follow it up by what you want it to do.


Sometimes there might be some technical error regarding her functions and responsiveness. As good as Alexa is in responding and doing as you wish and command, there are times when she becomes irresponsive. But this does not mean it is broken. This happens due to some technical glitches. Sometimes because of your echo device, Alexa might not respond or work. So to fix this and to know when Alexa is not working you can follow or go through the following steps-

Step 1: Press and hold the microphone off and volume down buttons for 20 seconds until the light turns orange.

Step 2: Wait for the light to turn blue again.
Step 3: Wait for the light ring to turn on and off again. When the light ring turns orange again then it means you have entered set up mode.

Step 4: After you have entered set up mode, open the Alexa app to connect your device to a Wi-Fi network and register it to your Amazon account.

Echo device problem is one of the most common problems that Alexa users face and it can be fixed if you follow the above-given steps. But if you still are unable to fix it, if the problem is much more severe, then you can get hold of Echo Alexa Support Number. You can get in touch with them whenever you want as they are available day and night.

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