Access Gmail with Mozilla Thunderbird Using POP

In a busy lifestyle being able to check your emails by using different apps might turn out to be really frustrating. Emails are something which is of utmost importance to a user. Be it in their professional field or even their personal use. In today’s date, there are several Email providers in the market, among which Gmail is one of the most recognized. So it is pretty obvious that a user would have a default email with Gmail. Being able to access two or more different emails at the same time is in itself would be a premium offer. The amount of time that would be saved by this would be commendable. If you are a Gmail and Thunderbird email user, you can access both emails at the same time. Thunderbird email users can access their Gmail account by using POP setup. With the help of this setup, you would be able to access Gmail with Mozilla Thunderbird. If you require more information to understand what a POP setup is, you can easily attain the information by connecting with the Mozilla Thunderbird Customer Care.

Process to setup POP to access Gmail with Mozilla Thunderbird

  • Make sure that your POP access is enabled for Gmail.
  • Access the menu of Mozilla Thunderbird and select the Tools and Account Settings.
  • After selecting the Tools & Account Settings, opt for the Add Account option.
  • In the Add Account option, make sure you select the preferred Gmail Account.
  • Now you would have to fill in your name under the section which says “Your Name”
  • Further, under the email address section, fill your Gmail ID.
  • After filling in all the required credentials, tap on the option which says “Continue”
  • After opting for continue, choose the “Done” option.
  • After all the above said steps are completed click on “OK”

By the assistance provided by the above-given steps, you would be able to successfully set up your Gmail account on Mozilla Thunderbird email using POP. After this process, you would receive a mail on Gmail Inbox. You can further practice filters to download email from the menu. You can also use the Tools and run filters on the folders to utilize it.

If you face any issue while using your Thunderbird email, you can reach out to the Thunder Bird tech support to find assistance. The team of customer care is very professional towards providing solutions to all the problems that you would face. The customer care number is also available 24×7.